Sunday, August 24, 2014

Meeting the Stones

Meeting Keith and Mick- In 1976, Linda Ronstadt and the band were in England touring and Keith shows up at one of our shows. He was actually still quite handsome in a sort of rock depraved way. He was soft spoken and gentlemanly Waddy Wachtel was in heaven being the Stones supreme fan he is. We met Keith before the show and he was sober. As we left to go onstage, I saw him pick up a unopened bottle of gin or vodka. When we came off stage an hour and 20 minutes later it was empty and Keith was lying on the piano. Later at a party he was sober again. Even us, being no slouches in those days were impressed. Mick I met first in 1977 in LA and he was a jerk, I'm afraid. Drunk and rude and he lived up to his reputation for being arrogant. The next night he showed up again, and was a saint. Go figure.