Friday, March 20, 2015

Andrew discusses the recording of the Bryndle CD

"While we were recording the Bryndle LP, we used to play various jokes on each favorite of which was to, when we were mixing, make a "special" joke mix, that would be identical to the real one save for one line or another, where we Josh, Steve and whoever of the band was in cahoots, would sing loudly and drunkenly a rude or ridiculous version of the line, which would be mixed in, and which would totally startle anyone listening to the mix.. 

I.E. In Karla's tune, Mulberry Street, when she comes to the line about "When the moon lit the sky..." we all came in singing, coarsely: "Like a Big Pizza Pie". Or in Savannah, the line "I held my breath and I knew at once"...was followed not by "I didn't have a prayer", but by "She had no underwear". To this day, I have trouble singing that line on stage without accidentally thinking it's the rude version...One day I'll slip..I know!

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